Château de Cranne - Bordeaux Rouge "Nature" - Red wine 2021

Château de Cranne - Bordeaux Rouge "Nature" - Red wine 2021

Château de Cranne
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Organic red wine from France.

Chateau de Cranne's Bordeaux Rouge "Nature" is a straightforward Bordeaux red, produced organically and with minimal intervention. It is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, a meeting of the two emblematic grapes of the region, produced with artisanal care to present a 'goût de terroir' to the fullest. To the nose it has aromas of small red fruits: a walk in the undergrowth. On the palate it is energetic, easy to drink and with great freshness. Drinking it, you will feel as if you can feel crunchy fruit in your mouth!

Alcohol percentage: 12,5%

Vol.: 75 cl

Serving temp.: 16°-18°C

To enjoy an artisanal wine at its best, we recommend you to let it 'breathe' at least 15-30 minutes before serving.

Storage: Wine good to drink now, but that can have a beautiful evolution after resting for a while in your cellar. You can cellar it for over 5 years.

This wine contains sulphites and is not suitable for pregnant women.
Produced in France.