Baby Fist Cotton
Baby Fist Cotton
Baby Fist Cotton
Baby Fist Cotton

Baby Fist Cotton

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Hang Baby Fist from the 1st PLAY BABY GYM or in the baby stroller. Baby Fist is designed to stimulate your baby’s imagination with soothing sounds and pleasing visuals. The geometrical shapes evokes a natural desire, for a little hand, to grab, hold and explore.

Material 6mm. Natural Organic cotton cord. With an acryllic rattle inside.

Measurements: aprox. Ø 5cm.

Suggested Age: 2+ Month

Handmade in Denmark by the Loullou team

Clean me: with a damp cloth.


For your child's safety. Warnings!
Only use the Baby Fist when tied to the baby gym.
Before using the Baby Fist  ALWAYS check that it's not broken.
Trow away at first sign of damage or weakness.
You should only use the Baby Fist under direct supervision of an adult.
Only to be used for domestic use.