Wooden Pond Nature
Wooden Pond Nature

Wooden Pond Nature

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At The Pond where the animals comes to play is always fun.

Swimming under the water, playing on the brim or hiding on a water-lilly, we have imagined the elegant Swan that gracefully swims among the duckweed. The quaking Frog who just waits to be kissed. Do you dare to kiss it? A Bird who oversees the whole pond and knows everything. Who wouldn´t be able to fly? The silent Fish swims alone and only comes to the surface when curiosity gets the hold of it. And lastely is the Beaver that we don’t even know if really actually exists.

Use the wooden figures together with the Theatre and let your kids create the most wonderful and dreamy fairy tales.  

Pond Nature is made from 12mm. untreated birch plywood that comes from FSC certified suppliers in EU.

Measurements: 42-120mm. x 55-110mm. x 12mm.